How it all began

The story of what is today known as TRENTOFRUTTA S.p.A. began in 1961 with the establishment of the fruit processing company, CREMOGEM S.p.A., by the Pizzinini family.

In 1966 the company changed its name to F.lli Pizzinini. At the same time, the Peter Eckes company acquired a stake in the business, taking over the shares of the Pizzinini family in subsequent years until eventually, in 1971, it became the sole proprietor of the company. In 1982 the operation adopted its current direction as part of a radical alteration of the company's structure.

In October 1988 Peter Eckes was taken over by a group from Germany, which, from that point on, was responsible for the fortunes of the business. With a new name and a comprehensive investment plan, the fruit processing operation was successfully expanded and driven forwards.

Today, TRENTOFRUTTA employs over 120 staff and stands out as a specialist in the processing of all types of fruit into semi-finished products for industry as well as in the contract filling of finished products in glass bottles and pouches.

Our customers include all of the leading companies in the international food industry as well as a few renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Your reliable partner since 1961

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